Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

From your's truly - Me. I'm a happy 180 pound 2 1/2 year old love bug. The end.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm Two!

As you can see I was helping my person check her email today and thought - HEY! I'm 2! I need to post something on my blog!
So here goes.. I am a very good boy for my people, although I don't like strangers coming to my house. When we go out on the town I let people pet me and am pretty aloof. But at home.. I let you know when you aren't supposed to be here!
I spend my days chewing on my stuffed dinosaur and slobbering my people. I go on evening walks with my people and I am overall a pretty laid back dude.
Back to my nap.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Twenty One Months

Hi!! It has been awhile but I wanted to report that I am happy as a clam and healthy as can be this Christmas! I graduated from obedience classes and I am a very good boy. Here are some pictures from 11/30/09. I am a short boy, but built like a tank.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Triton video 15 months old

Just wanted to share a video of myself to show off how well I am doing. Notice?? No limp!! I love my little swimming pool too.. when my people fill it I spin in circles until all the water is gone. My people told me they are going to get me a bigger pool this summer, I am SOOO excited!

15 months old

Hello! Me again..sorry for the lack of people have been keeping me busy. How about some pictures first? Cuz I'm so handsome? This first one is me waiting for my breakfast... Then my person puts my breakfast down in front of me and I have to wait until she says "okay' sure is hard to wait but I am a good boy.
So..on to an update. As you know I was limping pretty bad for awhile and my people were real worried. They took me to a couple different vets and in the middle of it all found out my sister has elbow dysplasia. I was hoping I didn't have this too because it would mean surgery and all kinds of not-so-fun-things. Well.. I had a very thorough exam by a nice person whom I was told was an expert... and after the exam I was REAL sore.. I limped A LOT for a couple weeks.. and I also had some pictures taken of my hips and elbows.. they tell me these are called x-rays.
Ready for the verdict??? :) My x-rays were clear. This was sort of good news and bad news.. because they started thinking maybe it was so small that it didn't show up on the x-rays since I was limping so bad after my exam. So at this point my people scheduled something called a CT scan but the people who do that were pretty busy and couldn't get me in for six weeks. Well, two weeks later something strange happened. I started feeling better. My people noticed my limp wasn't so bad. In another two weeks my limp was gone all together and I was running.. jumping around like a rabbit chasing balls in the backyard.. and I seemed like a puppy again. My people were cautiously optimistic so decided to do something with me that always made my limp worse in the past - take me for a long walk. See, I haven't been able to go for walks since I was limping and I missed that SO much! After my walk.. and a visit to a couple of fun stores.. we came home and I took a nap. The next day my people watched me like a couple of concerned parents... but... NO LIMP!!!! My people called the vet.. and they canceled the CT. I am no longer "clinical" they tell me.. guessing that means I am ok. My people will continue to monitor me but right now it seems I am A-O-K. I am sooo excited because now I get to go back to that school I started and had to take a break from.. and I get to go out ALL the time and meet new people! I was so bored at home with a bad leg. So to wrap it up - a dog's life is good!!
Oh, and how big am I? Well, my people laugh at me because I am short like my mama.. about 29" is all.. but I am also very bulky, not lanky like a lot of mastiff puppies. My people try hard to keep me lean.. but man it's not easy!! I weigh about 175, it has been awhile since I have stepped on a scale. And my favorite place is the Saturday Market where people all want to pet me and take my picture!! :) :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

14 months old

Jeez my person is slacking!! I had to beg her to put some new pictures up.. see - I am pretty good at looking pitiful. I can do it with both my people...
Suckers. :) Anyway, I am doing very well.. I have a few medical updates but my person isn't ready to write about them yet.. stay tuned! Until then.. some adorable pictures of who else?? ME!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!

That's right. Yesterday I turned 1 year old. My people even made me a cake. Well, they say they made it for me but I only got a little sliver. But it was OH SO GOOD! I have much to update on. I had surgery last month and things didn't go so well. I had severe swelling afterwords which eventually formed an abscess that ruptured. I am still on massive antibiotics (6000 milligrams a day!!) and I am finally getting better. My leg has been bothering me for awhile too. I limp. My people found me a new vet who is just AWESOME and they found out that the problem in my elbow. I had xrays but they came back clear. My next step is to go to a specialist to see what the problem could be. Physically I'm a wreck - but I am the biggest love bug on the block!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Hehe. '
Oh!! And if you are wondering about my kennel - I have to spend a couple hours a day in there relaxing because of my leg. Doctors orders! I don't mind, I LOVE my kennel as long as I have my bunny to chew on.